Wine & Food Pairing

Whilst the festive period is over, we are still in the depths of winter at the moment. In this time, we all enjoy heart meals which deserve an appropriate accompaniment. In this, we can help.


Here at Watlington Fine Wines we have an array of beverages for every meal. If you need a special wine for Sunday Lunch, try one of our Domaine Besancenot white or red Burgundies for chicken or turkey. If For a beef joint, try our Domaine De Cambes Claret or Brunello Di Montalcino.

If you are interested, carry on reading for further suggestions.



A roast turkey with all the trimmings deserves a wine which will complement the meat and all its accompanying spices, but something which will not overshadow the meat’s subtle flavor. In addition to the Domaine Besancenot Burgundies, why not try an Austrian Pinot Noir Zweigelt blend– something a bit different. This wine has the elegance and red fruit flavours of the Pinot Noir with an added fruit burst from the Zweigelt- a perfect pairing for the festivities. No, then how about our truly delicious Amarosso Romeo y Juliet, it will be a lovely partnership for your main?

If you want something even more distinct, try the rare Crozes-Hermitage Blanc. A complex, rounded and full bodied Northern Rhone, perfect for this occasion.



If your preferences lean towards red meat, then a lighter red or even a white wine is not going to cut the mustard. You need to turn towards fuller-bodied, sophisticated red wines. In this category we have plenty. We have the Bethany GR13 an outstanding example of a rich Australian red with many complexities, pairing with every layer of your dish. For something a little friendlier to depleted pockets at this time of year, the fruit and spice notes from Bethany’s Shiraz could be your choice. You could also choose to venture to Italy with Valpolicella Ripasso, for something lusciously fruity and full-bodied.



This old English favourite never disappoints and neither will our new Bell Tower Merlot, which would pair very nicely with beef, as would the Esprit from Chateaux Paranchere. Both wines are something a bit special, they have rich and dark fruity notes on the nose, followed by a balanced and long palate- a perfect to accompaniment to make your beef, and yourself, feel extra special.



Depending on your fish of choice a Muscadet de Sevre-et-Maine could be perfect. Or, if you prefer something fruitier, our Albarino could be worth a look. However, we should never overlook the classics, what about a Riesling or a Sauvignon Blanc? All would work perfectly, depending on garnishes, so come and ask us- we promise to give a personalised service.


But, what about dessert?

We have a range of dessert wines which would suit any dish. We have a 2009 and 2010 Sauternes (fabulous years!), which will go well with your fruit tarts or crumbles, Muscat Baume De Venise for your as an aperitif or with fruit salad, and a Les Aunis for any almond based desserts.

If you have chosen to stick to a classic, a chocolate dessert, there is no better accompaniment than a port. Try the sweet Bethany Old Tawny, or if you wish to be more traditional, try the Churchill’s Crusted or a Dow’s Vintage Port from 1980!

Not only will your port drink beautifully with dessert, it will also seamlessly transfer to your cheese board. We have a new shipment of vintage ports fresh into stock, so call or pop in and we can open our cage for you.


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Showing 1–16 of 189 results